I finally made money writing on Medium. Woohoo. Praise be to God.

Okay, so I know I’m not included in the small percentage of writers making ‘real’ money here, but I can now say I’ve officially made some money on Medium. And that $0.16 is a start!

Source: Daniel Thomas from Unsplash

Some of the best advice I’ve received about making money on Medium is to follow…

It’ll only take you 61 seconds to read…maybe even 59

Source: Lukas Blazek from Unsplash

Disclaimer: I’m yet to make $1 from a single piece. By no means am I a high earner on Medium, I’m simply sharing the factors of my highest earning stories so far.

The Analysis

My 3 highest-earning stories on Medium are either:

  • Humour pieces (always respectful, of course. I don’t mock anyone…

Humaira Iqbal

Freelance writer for hire over at haychwrites.com. English Graduate with 3+ years of experience. Poetry lover. My favourite colour is lilac, what’s yours?

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